Welcome to my website

Welcome to a new generation of science fiction website called The Hyper Pat.

I just wanted to say upfront, I think you will find what we are doing here, very interesting.  Science Fiction has always been one of my favorite genres.The Twilight Zone  Growing up as a kid, I was fascinated with “The Twilight Zone”;  I think we all were.

As you may or may not remember, this actually followed in the paths of some other great shows like the Science Fiction Theatre, and radio programs dating all the way back to the 1950’s.

Since we grew up simply enjoying the shows and books we read, many of us did not really consider the possibility or the actuality, that some of these things may exist in the present, or come to existence in the future.

Here in lies the question.  I would like to enter into deeper, our path to understanding the possibilities, that what we read now, may already be in existence when in the right frame of mind.



Why Science Fiction Fascinates

Why does Science Fiction fascinate so many people?

Please stop a moment and really think about how you would, should, or could answer this question.

At first I think of enjoyment and excitement of the unknown.  Entertainment crosses my mind, and I believe the main stream media would accept this, as the most viable answer.

You see the definition of Science Fiction is, “fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes….”  That is exactly what the main stream media would like you to think.

But delve deeper.  Is there not a part of you that truly wishes that some of the things you are reading are actually possible?

May be they are?

As we continue to cross this boundary and ask, “will this ever be real”, or “that is not possible”; Consider, maybe it’s possible now.

I leave you today to ponder this.  Think of the Speed Racer cartoon, or any book or series where humans were performing feats, that seemed beyond your imagination.

Think of the 1970’s and Motocross jumps.

1970s Motocross Jump

Now look at the X-Games or Youtube, and notice that the feats that humans are accomplishing today, could have easily been the Science Fiction of yesterday!

Current Motocross Jump

Enough said………Begin to open your mind, that what is real, is only what is imagined.